What’s average download speed for wifi? Reveal the most correct answer

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In this era, we cannot do many things without the internet. But it's wifi, but the download speed is too slow, which makes the user uncomfortable. That's why many people will be interested in the average download speed for wifi to have a smooth experience when using wifi. This article will provide you with that useful information.

What is download speed?

People often focus on what is a good wifi speed in general but forget about small factors like download speed which are also very important.

This speed will determine how fast or slow your device can download a file from the internet. 

Download speed

Download speed

In addition to downloading files, it will also determine the speed of downloading data when you watch movies or play games. Just like uploading, you need a fast download speed to play games or watch movies smoothly.

Currently, some carriers have provided broadband that allows very high download speeds, but in reality, we don't need such super speeds. You only need a download speed of about 40Mbps which is enough for tasks and gaming.

The difference between upload speed and download speed

You can see the upload and download speeds are very different, namely that the download speed is always higher than the upload speed. Why is this difference?

Download speed and upload speed

Download speed and upload speed

The average internet user will spend more time downloading content from the internet than uploading it.

Most of us when using the internet will watch movies, favorite shows or play games, check email, surf social networks, and visit websites. All these operations are more dependent on download speed than upload. So if the wifi download speed slow upload normal, you will also have difficulty in your experience.

It can be said that users will download more than upload, so internet providers have designed their cables in this asymmetrical fashion to have a larger download capacity to fit the needs of the user.

However, at this time when Livestream platforms have become popular, the demand for users to use upload speed is increasing, so when measured, the upload speed will be equivalent to download or even more. 

Live streaming is more and more popular

Live streaming is more and more popular

In addition, the switch to fiber optic cable for internet transmission has also greatly improved, helping to expand the bandwidth equally.

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What is the average download speed?

The download speed is fast or slow depending on the requirements of each individual user. 

For ordinary users, 15-30 Mbps is the normal download speed for wifi, enough for a family of 2 to 5 members to use. Speeds of 30-50 Mbps are quite fast, and speeds of 50 Mbps or more are considered fast.

Slow or fast download speed?

Slow or fast download speed?

So what is the average download speed for wifi? The average download speed of 10 - 15 Mbps is enough for the average user to have a good experience. However, if the job requirements are higher with very large download files, this number is still somewhat limited.

As recommended, the download speed requirement must meet the 3Mbps requirement for viewing video transmission tasks, but 4K resolution streaming will require download speeds of up to 25Mbps.

Surfing social networks or other popular online activities will only require a minimum of 3Mbps, but it should be noted that this is the minimum, it will be difficult to have the smoothest experience.

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The article has provided you with a lot of useful information about the average download speed for wifi. We are confident that they will contribute to a more comfortable experience when using the internet in the future.

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