Android Is Shutting off Its Satellite-Based Answer to the iPhone Emergency SOS

Nov 21, 2023 - Views: 167

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According to the announcements made by satellite comms provider Iridium and Qualcomm, the Snapdragon Satellite (the competitor to the iPhone's Emergency SOS via satellite feature) is coming to an end. 

An Iridium press announcement states that on December 3rd, 2023, this satellite communications service will conclusively terminate. 

This is a very unexpected demise for Snapdragon Satellite, which was recently unveiled at CES in January 2023.

The Snapdragon Satellite

The Snapdragon Satellite

The iPhone 14 series was the first to introduce satellite connectivity to normal smartphones.

This year's iPhone 15 models carried on the tradition. 

As its name implies, Apple's Emergency SOS via Satellite function is meant to be used in an emergency to broadcast a user's position to emergency services—or, in the case of the iPhone 15, to breakdown repair services.

Although we never had a chance to test Snapdragon Satellite, it was advertised as having both emergency alerts and frequent SMS communication via satellite. 

This would have made it possible for you to communicate with others despite not receiving a regular mobile signal—something that the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 are unable to do.

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Rating:4.9 - 50Votes



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