Adequate upload internet speed for working from home. Best ISP for WFH

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Today, the term “Working from home” (WFH) becomes common in our modern life.

Thus, many people take concern of “Adequate upload internet speed for working from home”, best ISP for WFH, or what is a good upload speed for internet?”.

If you’re also working remotely or just interested in this topic, don’t ignore this article. Let’s dive into it.

Whats a good upload speed for internet?

Whats a good upload speed for internet?

What kind of internet do you need for WFH?

That said, your current internet plan is sufficient for your internet demand. It means that you are able to work and learn remotely without too many hiccups. However, if you are looking for a new internet service provider which provides you with a fast internet download and upload speed as well as a reliable connection. 

  • Download speed: This speed refers to how fast you get things online. Faster download speed allows you to load websites and work email more quickly.

  • Upload speed: What does internet upload speed mean? That refers to how fast you send things to the Internet. Good upload internet speed allows you to conduct video conferences, work on cloud-storage services more quickly

What is upload speed on internet? 

What is upload speed on internet? 

  • Data: Every virtual thing takes up data, with internet upload speed for streaming and downloading huge files often consuming the most. Most internet service providers enable you to utilize at least one terabyte (TB) of data every month, while others go so far as to give limitless data. Therefore, you should find out and compare Starlink internet upload speed, charter business internet upload speed, and optimum internet upload speed, for example, before registering any one of them. 

What is a good internet download and upload speed for WFH?

What is a good download and upload internet speed? But first, you should conduct an internet speed test to measure your current network connection. What is your current internet speed? 

According to highspeedinternet, a person working from home need at least:

  • Download speed of 10 Mbps 

  • Upload speed of 1 Mbps

Of course, with these speeds, every internet plan is able to satisfy. Also, if you're working from home alone and aren't doing anything that requires you to upload huge files, such as uploading Youtube videos, conducting video conferences, or sending graphic designs to customers, your internet plan and network works fine.

There are exceptions, however. What should internet upload speed be? What is a good upload internet speed? For each internet user, the required speed is diverse. As you add more people and gadgets that connect to the internet, you'll want to increase the speed as well.

What should my internet upload speed be?

What should my internet upload speed be?

Moreover, good internet upload speed for gaming is also different from good internet upload speed for streaming or video calls. To sum up, if you are a YouTuber, photographer, or graphic designer, or if you frequently participate in video chats, you should seek quicker download and upload rates.

What is a good internet speed upload for video calls apps?

Working from home means that you need to conduct more video calls with colleagues, work emails as well as use cloud service frequently. That’s time upload speed matters. Without a doubt, good upload speed for internet is necessary.

What is good internet upload speed for those video call apps such as Zoom, Skype? Let’s take a look at the table below.

App Recommended download speed Recommended upload speed


1.2–3 Mbps

1.2–3 Mbps


200 Kbps–4 Mbps

100 Kbps–600 Kbps


30 Kbps–8 Mbps

30 Kbps–1.5 Mbps

Cisco Webex

0.5–2.5 Mbps

0.5–3 Mbps

Google Hangouts Meet

18 Kbps–3.2 Mbps

12 Kbps–3.2 Mbps

Data from

Best Internet Provider for WFH

Do you get good internet speed for working from home? Did you try several ways to improve internet performance but still ineffective? It’s time to consider switching to a new internet provider.

EarthLink, Google Fiber, and AT&T Fiber are the finest fiber internet providers for working from home. You'll have symmetrical upload and download speeds, which permit you to transfer huge files to a remote server or participate in video conversations quickly.

Here are several best fiber internet providers, take a look.

Provider Speed
AT&T Fiber 300-940 Mbps
CenturyLink 940 Mbps
EarthLink 50-1,000 Mbps
Frontier 500-940 Mbps
Google Fiber 1,000-2,000 Mbps
Grande 940 Mbps
MetroNet 100-1,000 Mbps

Best fiber internet provider

If a fiber connection is not available in your area, another good option for you is a Cable connection. Download speeds range from 25 to 1,000 Mbps, although cable internet upload speed is slower than with fiber internet. For example, your plan may offer download speeds of up to 400 Mbps but upload rates of no more than 30 Mbps.

Here are several good options for you.

Provider Speed
Buckeye 25-400 Mbps
Cox 25-940 Mbps
Grande 300-600 Mbps
Mediacom 60-1,000 Mbps
Optimum 300-940 Mbps
RCN 100-940 Mbps
Sparklight 100-1,000 Mbps
Spectrum 200-1,000 Mbps

Best Cable internet providers

Most home networks can meet at least the minimum required speeds. That's great because it means we are able to stay connected well.

If you have problems with video conferencing, your upload speed is most likely to blame. Internet service providers often provide consumers with significantly less upload speed than download speed (except most fiber internet providers). 

Even though your download speed is enough for video calls, your upload speed may be inadequate for large group calls. Switching to a wired connection or turning off your video can be helpful in this case.

That’s all about what is a good internet upload speed for WFH as well as suggestions of best ISP. Hope you have a good choice and feel happy to work remotely.

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