42 Million Americans Are Still Unable To Get High-Speed Broadband

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Rural households and low-wage workers nationwide are trapped with slow or no internet whereas the rest of the world advances with high-speed broadband. 

It is a situation that is far more serious than being unable to stream the newest Netflix series.

Millions of Americans are still missing out on broadband access

Millions of Americans are still missing out on broadband access

The Covid epidemic, which made people work and go to school from home, exposed the effects of not having broadband internet connectivity.

It is true even though the digital divide has been a problem since the George W. Bush administration in the early 2000s.

Managing life during stay-at-home orders was much more difficult for households that couldn't afford broadband or couldn't access it because of where they lived. 

And those issues still exist today.

According to data technology company Broadband Now, 42 million Americans currently lack broadband access.

The FCC states that broadband is defined as having upload rates of at least 3 Mbps and download speeds of at least 25 Mbps. Various forms of broadband technology exist, ranging from fiber-optic cables and satellites to WiFi.

While some rural and tribal communities are still waiting for the internet to be installed in their towns, the Biden administration has developed programs that aim to bridge the broadband access gap by lowering monthly expenses.

However, these programs have had poor adoption rates.

The lack of broadband in the US is a big issue

The lack of broadband in the US is a big issue

The biggest barrier to broadband for low-income and rural households has been cost. 

Both customers and internet service providers (ISPs) struggle with it.

It's simply too pricey for many people, and prices might vary greatly by location or even area. 

Additionally, as stated by The Markup, those living near one another may be paying the same amount for inferior service from the same ISP.

According to Broadband Search, an information technology business, internet service in the U.S. typically costs $61 per month.

Justifying the capital commitment to build rural broadband infrastructure in low-density areas with fewer subscribers is a difficulty for ISPs.

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