How Fast Is 12 Mbps Upload Speed? What Can You Do With This Speed?

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How much upload speeds do you need for online gaming, streaming or video conferencing? Is 12 Mbps Upload Speed sufficient? This post will give you a guide on how to determine good upload speed for some types of online activities.

What is mbps upload?

Upload speed refers to how quickly you send data from you to others. The acronym Mbps stands for megabits per second, a measure of upload speed.

When it comes to internet speed, upload speeds are often neglected as most Internet Service Providers advertise download speeds. However, upload speed is significantly important for creators, gamers, streamers who need upload files to social media, play games or live streams on some popular platforms.

Mbps upload speed

Mbps upload speed

What is a fast upload speed mbps?

Generally, 10 mbps upload speed or higher are considered fast internet upload speeds since they can easily accommodate the typical user's activities. So a 12 mbps upload speed is sufficient for most small enterprises and households. It is ideal for light-medium streaming, email, online gaming, video conferencing, Video calls, VoIp and general web browsing.

The first step in determining what is a good mbps upload speed is to run an upload speed test using a speed test tool.

When you've finished the test, you have a few options for putting the information to use. If you're content with your high-speed internet connection but need to switch internet providers, you'll know how much speed to aim for. 

Is 12 Mbps upload speed good for gaming?

In terms of online gaming, good download and upload speed are at least 3 Mbps and  0.5 Mbps to 1 Mbps respectively. If you're the only one connected to the network, a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps is likely enough.

What is a good mbps upload speed?

What is a good mbps upload speed?

The range between 3 and 8 Mbps is deemed good upload mbps. However, depending on who else is using your internet and whether you're calling or streaming video at the same time, these may not be sufficient. 

For example, if you have 4 or 5 people playing multiplayer/competitive games or streaming at once, aim for faster upload speeds (10Mbps and above).

What is a good ps4 upload speed kbps?

On the PS4, you can get away with extremely sluggish internet rates, such as 3 Mbps for download and 1Mbps for upload, but it's the ping that you should be concerned about. Keep it under 150ms and you'll be fine.

Good upload mbps for PS4

Good upload mbps for PS4

How many devices are linked to your smartphone will also have an impact on your gaming. A faster internet connection allows you to transport more data, which provides you more freedom, and other network limits are less likely to interfere with your play.

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What is good internet speed for live streaming?

There are many questions ralated to streaming like: 1 mbps upload speed streaming possible? Is 5 mbps upload good for streaming? 10 mbps upload speed streaming?

Upload speeds, like download speeds, are affected by video file size and bandwidth. The video file size for live streaming is determined by the quality of the content. Here are recommended upload speeds: 

  • 3 Mbps for 480p video streaming

  • 6 Mbps for 720p video streaming

  • 13 Mbps for 1080p video streaming

Is 100 mbps upload speed fast?

An uninterrupted workflow can be generated by a 100 Mbps fiber connection. With it, you can exceed your own expectations at a rate that corresponds to your personal and business objectives. At this rate, you can quickly send files and live stream without any lag.


I hope you have learned something useful about upload speeds. If you are a gamer or streamers who wants to improve your experience, always go for the Ethernet connection as it will increase your speed and resolve your issues. 

Rating:4.4 - 52Votes



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