1 In 12 Texans Lack Internet Connection

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According to Professor S. Craig Watkins of the University of Texas, lack of access can restrict educational resources and job prospects, which weakens the state economy as a whole.

Because it's becoming more and more of a reality of life that we can use technology, specifically computer-mediated technologies, Watkins explained why.  

It is not a luxury or a convenience. 

You need to know how to use technology effectively and efficiently to succeed in the majority of employment sectors, as well as in the educational sector.

The Texas State Teacher Association claims that low-income and rural communities are most affected by the digital divide. 

The COVID epidemic, along with online learning in schools and remote work responsibilities, pushed the issue into sharper prominence.

Poor Internet status in Texas

Poor Internet status in Texas

Since 1 in 5 Texans reside in rural areas, Texas is primarily a rural state. 

Many of these non-urban sectors have proven challenging to guarantee internet coverage in. 

An earlier study discovered that 85% of Texans without high-speed internet reside in rural areas.

Specifically, the connectivity in Deep East Texas is among the lowest. 

Although the Deep East has nearly half the households in Texas with internet speeds of 10 Mbps or less, the average home internet speed in the state is 118 megabits per second. 

One of the "most underserved regions in the country when it comes to broadband" has been said about the area.

Additionally, around one-third of Texas' school-age children do not have access to computers or high-speed internet at home, making it difficult for them to complete their homework.

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