How to Test My Internet Speed Wow within a Few Seconds? An Updated Guide

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Measuring the speed of the Internet on a regular basis is essential because it helps you know whether the speed of the current network connection is the same as promised by your provider and know if someone is using your Internet!

This article will provide reasons for frequent speed testing and ways to test my Internet speed Wow within a few seconds. 

How can I check my Internet speed

How can I check my Internet speed

Why should I test my Internet speed Wow?

It’s safe to say that Internet speed is Important to your business. Slow Internet can turn away customers and finally affect your productivity and bottom line. 

Of course, you don’t expect to pay for Internet speeds that you’re not actually getting. So, it’s great to periodically test my speed Internet. 

Another reason that you need to speed test my Internet is to check if the actual speed you get is close to the speed that you paid for. 

Moreover, checking your Internet speed frequently also helps you find out the problems with your network, which causes it to slow down, and how to improve it.

How do I check my Internet speed?

Instructions on how to check my Internet speed using

  • First, you need to visit the website Click on the “Go” button to start the test of network speed.

  • Next, wait for a few seconds for the system to test Internet speed and stability and display the results.

Note: For the most accurate speed test results, you must stop all programs and applications that are using the Internet, including your browser or other programs. Make sure no other devices are using your network line. is a reliable online tool that helps me to test my speed Internet conveniently and quickly. 

Users will check the parameters: Download speed, Upload speed along with ping.

From that, they can know whether the actual usage network speed is in line with the commitment of the network service provider, or figure out the causes of some problems on your device and find spots for improvements.

How do I find out my Internet speed?

How do I find out my Internet speed?

This guide on how to test my Internet connection stability is also practical to those who are looking for how to check your Internet speed, how to check Internet speed on Mac, etc. 

Important metrics of the Internet speed

There are three main metrics you need to look at to evaluate the quality of a fast or slow network connection. 

They are ping, download speed, and upload speed.

How do you check your Internet speed?

How do you check your Internet speed?

  • Ping is a concept indicating the time for two computers to communicate with each other, ping parameters are very important. The unit of ping is the millisecond (ms). For international networks, ping <150ms is considered good.

  • Download speed ​​is the speed at which data is downloaded over a network connection to your computer, in MBps (Megabytes, other than Mbps).

  • Upload speed is the speed of uploading data from a computer to the network, measured in MBps (Megabytes). With a normal network, an upload speed of about 1MBps (Megabyte) is fine. 

What is good Internet speed?

To test Internet speed and stability, we usually measure the Download speed.

  • The network with download speeds of 1-4 Mbps has the lowest network quality, only appearing on copper cable lines. With this speed, we can only browse the web, check mail, listen to music, and do simple tasks.

  • Networks with download speeds of 4-6 Mbps have medium-low network quality. We can only do small tasks, basic email, and share small files but it is difficult to play online games or live stream in HD quality.

How to test your Internet speed Wow

How to test your Internet speed Wow

  • Networks with download speeds of 6-15Mbps have average network quality that's good for home subscribers. We can play online games, watch movies online. However, only one device should be connected to the network at a time. How much speed do you have? Is it enough for those types of tasks? 

  • Networks with download speeds of 15-30 Mbps have good network quality. With this speed, we can surf the web quickly, download and upload files faster, and live stream HD smoothly.

  • Networks with download speeds of 30-50 Mbps will give great experiences when using the Internet and allow multiple devices to use at the same time without a network problem occurring.

  • Download speeds of 50+ Mbps target business customers, organizations, video conferencing, or real-time demanding jobs.

How to test my Internet speed

How to test my Internet speed

Compare Internet speed test results

After I test my Internet speed ATT and test my Internet speed spectrum using, I compared my Internet speed test with the speed in my registered Internet plan. 

If the actual download speed is not much lower than the registered one,  there is nothing to worry about. 

But if not, it’s possible that I made some mistakes during the test, leading to the wrong results. 

So, before calling your provider for a complaint, you need to check the following:

  • The appropriate time to test speed: You should test Internet speed now from 10 pm onwards, because at this time the number of users will be less, giving more accurate results.

  • Select the closest server to test the network speed: The further your computer to the server is, the slower your actual speed compared to the speed of the package you signed up for.

Tips on how to improve Internet speed?

Try these easy tips and tricks on how to improve Internet speed on PS4, how to improve Time Warner cable Internet speed, and how to improve Internet upload speed:

#1. Switch to another wifi channel

To increase Internet speeds, try switching your router from a conventional 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channel to a 5 GHz channel. 

As a result, there should be greater bandwidth and less interference.

How to improve your Internet speed?

How to improve your Internet speed?

#2. Invest in a newer router

Your older router could be the biggest bottleneck in your home's Wi-Fi connection. 

A new router may also include greater home security features and be compatible with a broader range of devices. 

Additional security and interoperability benefit homeowners who want to automate their houses or secure their networks.

#3. Move your router to the central place

Placing your router in a central location, such as the living room or family room, can improve your Wi-Fi signal and Internet speeds. Keep your Internet router out of the kitchen and the basement.

#4. Purchase an Internet extender

A Wi-Fi extender can boost your Internet signal. 

The upside is that extenders are less likely to limit your bandwidth than Wi-Fi repeaters, and they provide a strong Internet connection to connected devices.

#5. Remove unnecessary connections

If your bandwidth is running low, you should unplug all unused devices. 

Changing your Wi-Fi passwords and rebooting your router is the quickest approach to unplug non-essential devices.


So, we have introduced to you how to test my Internet speed Wow within a few seconds. In addition to using the online application, you can also use the main features available on your computer's operating system.

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