iOS 17 May be Creating iPhone Wi-Fi Issues

Oct 19, 2023 - Views: 199

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Every new piece of software has teething bugs, and iOS 17 is no exception.

The most recent issue affects Wi-Fi problems for individuals who have updated. 

So, if your internet has been performing strangely during the last few weeks, know that you are not alone.

Users have reported experiencing these difficulties when updating to iOS 17 or using the iPhone 15 – both of which run the new software out of the box.

They have reported a variety of issues, including sluggish connections and apps that fail to load information, while others have had trouble with online surfing.

iOS 17 could be causing iPhone Wi-Fi issues

iOS 17 could be causing iPhone Wi-Fi issues

Sometimes the problem goes away on its own, but other times it lingers until you manually detach and return to the affected Wi-Fi network. 

X/Twitter and Reddit have both reported similar incidents. 

Apple has not acknowledged this issue, thus there is currently no official solution. 

A few users claim to have discovered a fix, with one 9to5Mac reader stating that turning off the iCloud private relay addressed their problem - notably, web pages failing to load. 

According to one Twitter user, turning on Wi-Fi assist will also solve the problem. 

However, because Wi-Fi assist depends on mobile data to strengthen your connection, it is unlikely to solve your problem – and may be pricey if you have a restricted data allowance.

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Rating:4.6 - 50Votes



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