"Interruption" Interferes with Internet Connectivity in Clark County Schools

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The Clark County School District released a statement on X stating that the district's operations are being impacted by the internet service outage. 

It also stated that the impacted services might result in inconsistent phone connectivity and include email and internet access.

Teachers at CCSD schools are expected to resume as usual, but district representatives have issued a warning that “some transportation services may be delayed.”

Regarding the disruption, Cox Las Vegas released a statement in which they stated, "We have identified damage to our fiber conduit in Las Vegas that is related to construction." 

All available resources are devoted to restoring services to individuals who have been affected as quickly as possible, although repairs can continue all day.

Interruption disrupts Clark County schools internet connectivity

Interruption disrupts Clark County schools internet connectivity

"The District's internet service provider has identified construction-related damage as the primary cause of the internet interruption affecting CCSD and other businesses," said a statement issued by CCSD authorities on X just after noon. Although the internet service provider is attempting to resolve the problem, further work is anticipated throughout the day. 

"Lessons in the classroom are taught as scheduled in CCSD schools. In certain places, the phone service is being impacted by the internet outage. 

We urge that parents and guardians exercise patience with the school personnel during this procedure."

There was information made public earlier this week regarding a CCSD security compromise. 

According to experts, some staff, parent, and student data was accessed by unauthorized parties as a result of the breach. 

District authorities stated that they were trying to locate and let people know who was impacted.

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