Internet Businesses Report the Largest-Ever Operation Denial of Service

Oct 23, 2023 - Views: 213

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The biggest known denial of service assault on the internet has been successfully defended against, according to IT giants Google, Amazon, and Cloudflare. 

However, they are raising concerns about a new tactic that they believe has the potential to cause significant damage.

Internet companies report biggest-ever denial of service operation

Internet companies report biggest-ever denial of service operation

Google (GOOGL.O), a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., stated in a blog post last week that its cloud services had repelled a wave of malicious traffic that was more than seven times larger than the previous record-breaking attack that was stopped last year.

The attack, according to internet security firm Cloudflare Inc., was "three times larger than any previous attack we've observed." 

The online services subsidiary of Inc. also acknowledged that it had been the victim of "a new type of distributed denial of service (DDoS) event." 

Google said the attack was still ongoing, while all three claimed it started in late August.

One of the most fundamental types of attacks on the web is denial of service, which involves flooding targeted servers with a barrage of false requests for data, preventing real online traffic from passing through.

The ability to perform denial of service attacks has grown along with the internet world.

Certain attacks have the capacity to produce millions of false requests per second. 

According to measurements made by Google, Cloudflare, and Amazon, the most recent assaults have the ability to produce hundreds of millions of requests every second.

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