Speed Test: A Guide on How to Check Upload Speed and Download Speed

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Is your ISP delivering the speeds as promised? If you want to test the internet connection speed on your network, then there are dozens of ways to do that. This article gives a guide on how to check upload speed on both mobile and windows. Read on!

Check my upload and download speed

Check my upload and download speed

Why speed test?

A download and upload speed test matters when you want to know how fast your upload and download speeds really are. But why do you need to know that? Well, there are four main reasons as follows:

1. To see how fast your Internet is

The easiest way to get an idea of what you're getting is to check upload download speed. Knowing your line's speed gives you a better understanding of how long it will take to download or upload, what level of quality is enough for streaming videos, as well as how many people your network is capable of handling, and so on.

2. To make sure you're getting what you pay for

Broadband providers always give you an idea of what speed you ought to receive - though, in fact, it doesn't always measure up. A good internet speed test upload and download helps you see what speed you are getting, by which you’ll know if your ISP delivers the right speed and decide if you need to pick a new package with speeds that are faster, slower.

how to check upload speed & download speed

how to check upload speed & download speed

3. To troubleshoot Internet speed problems

Running an internet speed test can help you isolate exactly where the problem with your broadband speed comes from.

For example, if the speed test results of an upload and download speed test show the super-fast speed in your computer connected to an ethernet cable, but much slower over Wi-Fi, there might be a problem with your Wi-Fi. Or if it's fast on your phone but slow on your laptop, the issue may be due to your laptop. Or if it's fast in the living room but slower in the kitchen, there might be something interfering with the signal.

It’s advisable to perform speed tests in different ways: on a wired connection, over Wi-Fi, with your computer, with your phone, close to the router, in different rooms in your home. These contribute to your accurate speed test. 

4. To find the best times for downloading

Your broadband connection is fast or slow and also depends on the time of day or the time of the week. 

The time of day or the day of the week can have an impact on your broadband connection. To track that, you should run an Internet speed test.

Why an internet upload download speed test?

Why an internet upload download speed test?

Speeds can experience fluctuation at different times of the day because of traffic management, and other people joining your broadband line as you. 

It’s usual to find that your home network is a little slower during peak time when most people are online and traffic management tends to kick in.

Running an upload and download speed check at different times of the day and week gives you the best view of how fast your connection is, or when the latency is at its lowest. This is useful to find out the best time to download some large files or stream a movie.

5. To help businesses increase the bottom line

Well, with more businesses going online, the fast Internet has become more important than ever before. Internet speed can have a significant impact on a company’s operations and overall success. Imagine you own an online store that sells electronics products. However, it takes minutes to load your page. Does this make visitors frustrated and leave your website? Absolutely!

A fiber-optic Internet connection is highly recommended for all businesses to increase their profit productivity, as well as customer satisfaction.

A guide on how to check upload speed

A guide on how to check upload speed

How to check upload and download speed? 

You are looking for how to test upload and download speeds?, but if you find these inconvenient, try to test your speed without the app by visiting Gospeedcheck.com.

This is a really popular internet speed testing tool that can be used on different kinds of devices (Android, Windows, iOS). You can check download and upload speed for different kinds of connection (Wifi, wired connection, cellular), whether it is a cellular or a wifi connection or wired connection.

Your internet connection’s download and upload and even the ping for gaming needs are also provided. The service saves all speed test results, which allows you to see them whenever you want for comparison. More interestingly, you can also share your test results easily to any social media app and see the test history.

Test download and upload speed with MySpeed

It’s pretty simple and easy to test upload and download speed. After just a few seconds, you can know how much speed you are getting. Below is how I check my upload speed & download speed.

  • Step 1: Access the website gospeedcheck.com.

  • Step 2: Click GO on the main interface of the website and wait for the results to appear. 

The results of a download and upload speed check will look like this:

Check upload and download speed on Gospeedcheck.com

Check upload and download speed on Gospeedcheck.com


Before I test my upload speed and download speed:

1) Turn off any downloads or uploads you have going on your system and 

2) Deactivate your VPN software for the duration of the test

Both add a lot of overhead to the connection. You'll get a more accurate reading if the only traffic to the internet is from the test you're performing.

Things to consider when measuring speed

Use precision testing tools

With so many Wi-Fi speed test services online, how do you know which is the best tool to use?

Some internet providers offer their own services. If your carrier offers this feature, take advantage of it. If you want to check if your Wi-Fi is fast enough to stream on TV, you can use Gospeedcheck.com. 

 How to check my upload speed

 How to check my upload speed

Run multiple tests at different times

To get an accurate view of your Wi-Fi speed, you need to check upload speed and download speed multiple times. Speed ​​may not be stable. You can run tests twice under the same conditions and get two different results. 

By doing at least three times, perhaps over several days, you will be able to calculate the average results. This gives you a more accurate reflection of the actual, current Internet speed in use.

Speed test at the right time

One of the biggest influencing factors on Internet speed is the number of people logged in at the same time. During "rush hour", you will likely see slower speeds than other times.

If you are trying to evaluate performance during peak times, run the test at both peak and off-peak times, and compare the results. If you just want to test your overall speed, choose off-peak times for testing.

How do i check my upload speed?

How do i check my upload speed?

Choose the right place

When talking about how to test upload and download speeds, we hardly think about the test location, but this is a really important factor. Standing in the wrong position during the test will affect the results obtained. But how to know which position is right? It depends on what you are hoping to find out.

When you just want to measure the Wi-Fi speed: Stand near the router, in the same room, with no obstructions in the signal's path.

When you want to find the best router placement: Check internet upload speed & download speed in different rooms, then compare the results. You will know which rooms have a worse signal than the others.

When you want to locate lost Wi-Fi signal or weak signal areas: take the test at that location and compare the results under perfect conditions. If there's a problem, it's time to figure out how to extend the Wi-Fi range.

Internet upload download speed test

Internet upload download speed test

Disconnect any devices used during the test

The Wi-Fi speed test only measures the speed achieved on the device you are using. So, you should find a way to maximize the bandwidth for that device.

Most of us have a lot of devices that connect to the wireless network in our home, and the bandwidth of the Internet connection must be equally divided among them. Therefore, it causes the network to slow down, or the connection speed on each device is affected.

For the best results of an internet upload and download speed test, turn off or disconnect as many devices as possible, or make sure none are downloading or uploading large files.

Restart the computer when checking

Measuring devices that have not been restarted for a long time will persist processes running in the background and can slow down performance. This can affect your ping rate.

Therefore, please restart your computer and do not launch any other applications before running a speed test.


Accurate speed test

Accurate speed test

Do not use a VPN when testing

Lastly, make sure you're not using a VPN app, proxy, data saver application, or anything else while testing the Internet speed to have accurate results. They can, and often do, slow down your connection.

Wrapping up

So we have introduced to you how to check upload speed. Is there anything we missed? If you find this article useful, please share it with everyone!

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