Apple's New Generative AI Is Expected to Make its Debut in iOS 18

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For several months now, there have been rumors swirling that Apple intends to include a ChatGPT competitor in all of its top iPhone models.

A recent report that supports the idea has given those whispers more momentum.

Industry expert Jeff Pu suggests that the so-called "Apple GPT" chatbot will debut as late as 2024. 

This suggests that it might find its way into iOS 18 and the iPhone 16, which could mean that generative AI arrives on Apple products earlier than anticipated. 

iOS 18 tipped to debut Apple’s new generative AI

iOS 18 tipped to debut Apple’s new generative AI

Pu did, however, caution that the introduction of Apple's AI will require patience. 

This is due to Apple's want to ensure that it does not commit some of the privacy lapses that have recently befallen AI programs, which could take some time to accomplish.

According to Pu's sources, Apple intends to develop several hundred AI servers this year, and a significant number more in 2024. 

He added that the final product might protect user privacy by fusing on-device processing and cloud AI.

While Apple's objectives for its generative AI are not explained in great detail in the report, other analysts have offered a few ideas. 

Most notably, the news outlet The Information has proposed that AI may be integrated into Siri to greatly enhance its utility beyond what it presently offers.

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Rating:4.9 - 50Votes



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