Apple Supercharges Logic Pro for Creating Music on Mac and iPad

Nov 13, 2023 - Views: 204

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Last week, Apple released an update for Logic Pro that adds strong new functionality to the Mac and iPad. 

Musicians can now produce a release-ready mix more quickly than ever before thanks to the new Mastering Assistant and its expert toolkit of simple sound-shaping options. 

Apple supercharges Logic Pro with powerful tools

Apple supercharges Logic Pro with powerful tools

Beat Breaker's drastic reshaping and reshuffling skills, together with Sample Alchemy's amazing sample modification capabilities, are now available for Logic Pro for Mac. 

Even more robust features are available with Logic Pro for iPad, such as Quick Sampler Recorder mode, which enables users to swiftly record "found sounds" with the iPad's built-in microphone and instantly build new playable instruments. 

Besides, producers and beat makers that have their own sample collections can easily build kits or unique instruments by utilizing enhanced multitasking features like Stage Manager and Split View. 

Additionally, users may effortlessly switch between Mac and iPad via project round-tripping, allowing them to create music on the go or in a studio.

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Rating:4.7 - 50Votes



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