What is a good internet download and upload speed? Let’s check out!

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Running download upload speed test and receiving very good results, wow, that’s perhaps what we all look for when testing our internet connection. But do you know how many Mbps internet is considered good results? Check out this article to find out “what is a good download and upload speed for internet.” Here we go!

What is a good result for the internet speed test?

What is a good result for the internet speed test?

Some first words

Testing connection speed is considered a good practice that internet users should perform periodically. It’s a good way to measure the current performance of an internet connection as well as to track its performance over time. Well, as for running a speed check, a good result is something we all expect. 

But, have you ever wondered what is a good internet speed test result or how much speed is considered good for you to engage in online activities? If that’s the case, keep scrolling down to get your answers. Now, let’s find out “what is a good download upload speed” and “what is a good download and upload speed for gaming.”

Ethernet cable connectionEthernet cable connection

What is a good download speed and upload speed?

First of all, we have to say that there are no definitive answers to this question. It’s hard to tell exactly “what is a good ping rate” and “what is a good internet download and upload speed” for all internet users. 

Generally speaking, when it comes to internet speed, the faster is always better.  However, each one of us uses the internet in different ways. To determine whether an internet speed is good or poor, fast or slow, you need to consider your internet usage and your internet plan as well.

If you are using the internet just for basic activities like checking emails or web browsing, then the download speed of 5 Mbps is quite enough. But that speed is never enough for you to play fast-paced online games or download large-sized files. Also, while the upload speed of 1.5Mbps is quite good for us to make a call on Skype, it’s not enough for live streaming. 

Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi connection

It’s also worth noting that Internet Service Providers offer different download and upload speeds at different prices. So, it’s safe to say that a good internet speed is whatever suits your own needs at a price that you are comfortable paying. That’s the answer to the question “what is a good upload speed and download speed.”

Does this answer satisfy you? If not and what you want is specific numbers, then here they are. 

Normally, the download speeds of around 25-30 Mbps are considered a good connection. Though we use the internet differently, some need more and some need less, 25-30 Mbps for internet speed seems quite good for average users.

About upload speeds, according to CNET, the rates of 5Mbps or above are generally considered "good" when using on a single device via a wired connection. These speeds will support a lot of online activities requiring uploading data, including gaming online, video calls in high-definition quality.

Still, each internet user uses the internet differently and different online activities require different speeds. Not sure if the speeds mentioned above are what you really need? Let’s move to the next part of this writing to find out how much speed is needed for your online activities.

Streaming video

Streaming video

What is a good internet speed for common online activities?

Like we stated previously, different internet users use the network for different activities which might be gaming, streaming music, videos, making video calls, and a lot more. What do you use the internet for? To make things clearer for you, let’s take a look at common internet speed ranges right below here and see what types of online activities they are good for. 

Speed range of 1 – 2 Mbps

The types of online activities that this speed range is good for seem very limited. At speeds less than 2 Mbps, you can do just basic things like:

  • Basic web browsing

  • Emails checking

  • Single-user homes

Speed range of 2 – 10 Mbps

This speed range offers more flexibility than the previous one, but we will still be limited when it comes to a bit heavier use like HD media streaming or downloading large-sized files. If the speed test result you have is in the range of 2–10 Mbps, your connection is suitable for:

  • Web browsing

  • Streaming standard or HD video on 1 device at a time

  • Single or two-user homes

Broadband internet

Broadband internet

Speed range of 10 - 25 Mbps

With this speed range, there are almost no problems for us to perform basic online activities, including HD video streaming as well. Please notice that multiple devices connected to the network might lead to slower-than-expected performance if your connection is in this range. 10–25 Mbps is good for:

  • Streaming HD content on 1 to even 2 devices at once

  • Online gaming for one player

  • One to four-user homes

Speed range of 25-50 Mbps

The speeds of 25 Mbps and above, it’s considered quite sufficient for internet users. It enables us to stream HD video on multiple devices, download large files, play online games, etc. If your speed test result is in the range of 10–25 Mbps, it is good for:

  • Streaming HD content on a few devices

  • Playing online games for one or multiple players

  • Downloading medium-sized files

  • Medium-sized families of two to six people

Speed range of 50+ Mbps

The speed of more than 50 Mbps might be more than sufficient for most of us, regardless of the type of online activities. We can stream 4K videos, play heavy games, download large files with ease, use multiple devices at a time, and many more. If your speed test result belongs to this range, well, it’s good for heavy use such as:

  • Heavy gaming

  • Heavy streaming

  • Multiple devices connected at once

  • Frequent large downloads

High-speed internet connection

High-speed internet connection

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Speed test tip: What to do if your speed test result is not good?

It’s not something rare if you get a poor speed result which is lower than your internet plan or insufficient for the type of online activities you want to engage in. Well, in fact, it’s quite normal. Why???

To tell the truth, the speed of an internet connection, especially the WiFi, can be affected by a wide range of factors, both externally and internally. Network congestion, multiple devices using the network at the same time, wireless interference, distance to the router, not rebooting the router for a long time, …, these all cause the internet to be slower than it should be. 

Due to these and other reasons, if you get poor speed test results that don’t match up with what you are paying for, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a big problem with your connection. 

So, if that happens, don’t worry too much. You also don’t need to call your internet provider right away to report the problem.

What you should do is to perform more tests to ensure accuracy. Try running other tests using a wired connection on non-peak hours to see if the results get improved. Also, don’t forget to close unnecessary running in the background before performing the test.  Please keep in mind that the fewer factors affecting your speed test, the more accurate it should be. 

When you run enough speed tests the right way but still get poor results, and you are also sure that your connection is truly slower than it should be, it’s time to call your service provider to let them know your problem.

Slow internet speeds

Slow internet speeds

Some ending words

Now, you know “what is a good upload and download speed for internet”, don’t you? As long as it matches up with your internet plan and is enough for your online activities, well, your connection speed is considered so good for sure. Speed checking your internet is a nice way to know if your current connection is fast enough for the activities you want to engage in. But note that no speed test is 100% accurate since many different factors affect the accuracy of the test. So, if you receive poor speed check results, don’t worry. Try to run more tests the right way to get a complete picture of your actual speed. That’s all of this post; we hope it did bring you helpful information. 




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