How to increase Youtube upload speed? Fast internet speed for YouTuber

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YouTube today boasts 2 billion users, and every day, more than a billion hours of material is consumed on the platform. Therefore, if you want to become a Youtube star, upload speed is a vital factor you need to take concern. How to increase Youtube upload speed? Which factors limit Youtube upload speed? Find out answers in this article.

How to speed up youtube upload time?

Which factors limit Youtube upload speed?

Before finding the answer to “How to speed up youtube upload time?”, it’s important to know potential factors reducing your uploading performance.

#1. The YouTube/Google backend

Maybe you don’t notice this too much but the Youtube/ Google backend can slow down your uploads. Sometimes temporary hiccups happen, the transferring data between client and server is impacted. So that, your Youtube uploads take more time.

#2. Quality of internet infrastructure

A slow internet connection can be due to the quality of internet infrastructure. The availability of upload speed per home network is determined by the quality of your town's, suburb's, street's, building's, or apartment's internet infrastructure. 

#3. The number of connected devices

The more devices that are connected when you are uploading video files, and depending on what they perform on the internet, they all use a portion of the total available upload internet bandwidth.

The number of connected devices affects uploading videos

For example, while you upload videos to Youtube, others in your house broadcast a Livestream, play video games or watch Netflix, it might take a long time to upload videos to Youtube expect for that you have a good internet connection. 

#4. Types of internet connection

Each type has different strengths and weaknesses, however, Wifi and ethernet cable is more preferable. If Wifi is convenient, mobile, and expandable, cable internet is a more secured and reliable connection. In general, you can use both in your house. 

#5. Age of your equipment

Too old equipment can also reduce the average upload speed for wifi. You should consider:

  • Router: what WiFi standard does it use, how many antennae does it have to interact with the devices linked to it, and how many devices are connected to it?

  • Computer: can it support a high-speed WiFi connection? Is the WiFi chip's firmware up to date?

Modern devices with advanced features can help your work better, youtube video upload process becomes faster. 

#6. Wifi interference

A poor or drop WiFi signal as a result of interference from other devices. They can be 2.4 GHz devices such as Microwave, Bluetooth, Baby Monitors, Walkie-Talkies, and Other Radios. Or physical obstacles to the Wi-Fi signals like concrete and masonry walls, metal and floor heating.

2.4 GHz devices influence Wifi signal strength

Wifi works at 2.4 GHz frequency so that when there are too many devices working at the same frequency at a time, the Wifi signal becomes weaker.

#7. A Large File Size

That makes a lot of sense when it takes a long time to upload big file size. After all, it is illogical for a tiny, huge size to require the same amount of time to upload as its enormous equivalent. As a result, the obvious answer for why video upload time is too long is its large size and nothing else.

How to increase Wifi upload speed?

There are some objective reasons you can not fix them for better video uploads. However, you can speed up Youtube upload with some easy ways below. 

#1. Select a faster internet connection

If you want to upload Youtube videos faster, you should call your internet service provider and switch to an upper internet plan. That time you have more bandwidth to upload to youtube even at peak hours. 

The recommended minimum broadband speed for video uploads is 500kb per second. A faster Internet connection accelerates video upload and decreases YouTube buffering.

Besides, you are able to use a wired connection which provides a stable and reliable speed.

Because there is no interference to signal like Wifi, the youtube uploading process happens quicker.

#2. Suitable internet browser

YouTube may be accessed via any Internet browser, however, posting to YouTube is not possible. You should use YouTube Upload-enabled browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox to increase the speed of your YouTube upload traffic. Browsers will assist in recovering the timeout or taking over from where the video file was canceled.

Get the YouTube Upload enabled browsers to limit slow uploads

Moreover, when submitting videos, YouTube advises using the most recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox. These browsers are designed to work with YouTube uploads.

#3. Clear browser’s Cache

Internet browsers save a packet of dividual information whenever you visit a web page. They store all your searching, surfing habits. The browser cache is a collection of unique information about the online sites you see. 

The data might cause issues if the stored information contradicts the active material, causing your video to load and upload slowly. As consequence, you are better to clear your browser's cache, cookies, and history regularly. 

#4. Close other online activities

It would be beneficial if you closed other online activities while uploading videos to YouTube because doing so tends to degrade your internet speed, slowing down the uploading process.

Close unnecessary applications while uploading

#5. Render videos at the same framerate they were shot in

If a video is taken at 30 frames per second, producing it at 60 frames per second will not improve its appearance. Instead, it will double the file size by rendering each frame twice. If you shoot a video at 30 frames per second, make sure you render it at 30 frames per second as well.

#6. Limit Wifi interference

As mentioned above, Wifi signals are easily vulnerable to some external factors. Therefore, placing a Wifi router is very important. Here are some notices when you find a good position for your router.

  • Avoid placing it in the kitchen

  • Place your router in the middle of your house for the best optimal signal spread

  • Avoid walls

  • Far from Mirrors and fish tanks

  • Hang it in an open area

  •  Don't place it on the floor

Place your router in a right place

#7. Convert to a smaller video file

YouTube accepts a wide range of video formats, but some video formats (for example, ".mov" files) generate extremely huge video files that take time to upload. Using the suggested format allows you to create smaller ones without sacrificing quality. 

Check your video editing software's output settings to ensure you're rendering videos in the following formats:

  • File Type: .MP4

  • Video codec: H.264

  • Audio codec: AAC-LC

There are much converting software, websites for you to do that. For instance, using a free video converter ( to convert a suitable video file format. 

Using a free video converter to compress video files

Wrap up

Youtube videos are uploaded slowly that can be due to some external factors such as slow network connection, a large file size, Wifi interference. Though there are simple free ways you may take to boost your video uploading speed, you should eventually switch to fast internet speed connections. Are you prepared to become a famous YouTuber?

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