Free Speed Test Wifi within a Few Seconds

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When you sign up for the internet plan, your internet service provider might promise to deliver high-speed internet. However, this “high speed” label could be applied to various internet connections, depending on multiple factors. This can make it hard for you to know if what you’re paying for is worth the investment. Conducting free speed test wifi is a quick way to assess your internet performance. 

free speed test wifi

How to Free Speed Test Wifi on MySpeed?


Why free speed test wifi?

If you want to test the strength of the network in different places of your house, then running a speed test from a device connected to your WiFi network is a great choice. 

The closer your device is to the router, the stronger wireless connections are going to be.

Conduct a free speed test wifi at the rooms that are farthest from your router. 

If there is an insignificant in speed regardless of rooms you run the test, you suppose that your router is in a good place. 

But if a dramatical inconsistency is seen as you move further from your WiFi router, you may need to upgrade your router. You can also set up a WiFi range extender for better connections.

How to test speed?

There are a bunch of websites that offer a free speed test on mobile and laptops. You can speed test without app using MySpeed, which is one of the most popular speed testing tools out there. 

Here is how to measure internet speed on MySpeed:


Free Speed Test Wifi on MySpeed

The website will then display the download speed, upload speed, and ping. The process may take a few minutes or a few seconds depending on your connection speed.

This way is easy to do and can be applied to test internet speed on laptop and mobile.

Interpret Speed Test Results

You’ve run free speed test wifi and get your speed test results, but you really understand what each metric means? This guide will give you a more comprehensive insight into your web connection performance.

When the test finishes, three major metrics will be displayed: 

Download speed

Download speed is the time amount of time taken to retrieve data from the server. Generally, download speeds are greater than upload speeds and they are measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Upload speed

Upload speed is the reverse process of downloading. It’s time for your connection to send data back to the server. Responsive upload speeds are essential for common online tasks such as posting photos to social media, sending emails or video-chatting. The speed of uploading is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

free speed test wifi

Free Speed Test Wifi within a Few Seconds


Ping is another important metric to look at when you get the results of a free speed test wifi. It measures how quickly you’re able to get a response after a request is sent out. The higher your ping, the less responsive your connection. The unit of Ping is milliseconds (ms). Ping is important when it comes to gaming. 

What is good ping for gaming? Ping that ranges from 50 to 100 ms is considered average and under 20 ms is excellent.

If you are an avid gamer, you may get pay much attention to this metric. Take time to read How to Reduce High Ping in Pubg pc? 


Latency is often used interchangeably with ping, but it measures the time for a signal to travel to your server and back. Lower latency, lower lag time, and the better. It is also measured in milliseconds (ms).\


Bandwidth refers to the max volume of information that can be sent over your internet connection within a specific amount of time. Bandwidth is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

free speed test wifi

Free Speed Test Wifi at Home

What is good internet speed?

The FCC suggests at 25 Mbps is good internet to perform everyday online tasks. If you run a free speed test wifi and find that your connection doesn’t meet that requirement, think about speed optimization.

Below are minimum download speeds for common activities:

  • Email and web browsing: 1-5 Mbps

  • Streaming HD video: 15-25 Mbps

  • Streaming 4K video and light online gaming: 40-100 Mbps

  • Streaming 4K video, online gaming: 200+ Mbps

Running a local network speed test is the quickest way to evaluate your existing broadband parameters. It works by sending data from a speed test server and measure the time taken to download the data onto your device and then upload it back to the server. 

What to do if the internet speed is slow? 

Before giving your internet service provider (ISP) a call, you should check to see if something is uploading and downloading in the background. This can be hogging your bandwidth, so close all non-essential apps and programs and test again.

If your speed still seems slow, reboot your phone or laptop, modem, and router. If that doesn’t fix the problem, ít’s time to contact your ISP or carrier for help. Remember that the quality of your router also contributes much to bandwidth connections, so think about upgrading it or buy a higher quality one.\

free speed test wifi

Running Free Speed Test Wifi easily 

Factors that impact speed test? 

MySpeed measures the speed between your device and a test server over your internet connection. The results of free speed test wifi  can be affected by several factors:

  • Devices used to test speeds (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) may have very different Wi-Fi capabilities. This means you might get different speed results on different devices, even using the same provider and same network. Some devices may not be able to measure your full internet speed. It could also be that the full speed of your service is not supported by a Wi-Fi router. 

  • Servers may perform unequally. You typically will get faster speeds from servers closest to you. So, to have a complete view of your speed, you should test different test servers. MySpeed has a broad server network, meaning that you will be able to test to a server near your location.

  • Differences in speeds between testing tools/services are common as they use different servers in different locations.

  • Browsers are created with different capabilities and may give different results when you conduct a local network speed test, especially on high-speed connections.


The article has guided on how to free speed test wifi using web service and revealed factors that impact internet speed results. You can easily check how fast your network is whenever you want and have the most suitable network improvement plan.

Good luck!