Download speed fast upload speed slow in asymmetrical connections

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What type of internet connection has upload rates that are significantly slower than download rates? 

Have you ever heard the terms “symmetrical internet connection” and “asymmetrical internet connection”? Do you know what the difference between them is? Why is download speed faster than upload speed? Between symmetrical and asymmetrical internet connectivity, which one is better for you? Read this post to get the answers to these questions.

First, let’s check out some basics about download and upload speeds.

Asymmetric Internet vs Symmetric Internet

Download and upload speeds

Measured in Mbps (megabits per second), they are 02 important specs used to measure how good an internet connection is. 

Download speed: What is it?

Download speed refers to how fast the data moves from the internet to your device. The higher the speed, the faster the connection, and the better you can engage in activities that involve downloading data like Netflix streaming, browsing the web, downloading files, and more. 

Upload speed: What is it?

Unlike download speed, upload speed refers to how fast the data moves to the internet from your device. The faster the speed, the better you can engage in online activities that involve uploading data, including broadcasting live videos, uploading videos to YouTube, and more. 

Internet speed test

Download vs. upload speed: Which is more important?

For most average internet users, download speed is considered more important since the vast majority of things we regularly do online require downloading data. Download bandwidth and download speed are crucial for everything from browsing the web, checking emails to online gaming, streaming music, viewing videos on the internet, and more. 

But, as more and more activities require the use of upload bandwidth, upload speed also matters to our internet experiences. You will need a fast upload speed if you often engage in activities involving uploading data such as live-streaming, sending files, uploading videos, etc. Well, what is a good upload speed for your connection? Do you need a fast speed for uploading?

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Download speed vs upload speed

Asymmetrical internet connectivity 

Test the speed of your Internet connection at home, and you see that your upload speed is just a fraction of the download speed? Well, it’s an asymmetrical connection - the connection with download speed and upload speed that are not equal. The connection with download speed fast upload speed slow is so popular. 

For example, an asymmetrical internet connection of 50/5 means 50 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speed. Also, traditional networks like DSL upload and download speeds are typically asymmetrical.

For those who don’t often upload files or engage in activities requiring uploading large amounts of data, asymmetrical speeds might be a great option. 

But what about the symmetrical internet connection?

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Symmetrical internet connectivity 

The connection with equal download speed and upload speed is called “symmetrical.” 

For example, Comcast internet upload and download speeds can be both up to 2Gbps for its fully fiber-based service.

Symmetrical internet connectivity is good for anyone who needs to consistently upload videos, share large files, etc. Also, according to AT&T, this type of internet connectivity is ideal for small or large offices where multiple people simultaneously connect and transfer data to the internet.

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Fast internet connection

Wrapping up 

While asymmetrical internet connectivity is still popular, symmetrical internet connectivity is increasingly more common. Each type has pros and cons, and which one is better depends on what you use the internet for. And that’s all for this post; hope you liked it! Next articles will be about “best upload speed for gaming” and “typical upload and download speeds,” check them out now!

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