White Valentine’s Day 2024 - What You Need To Know [Origin & Gifts]

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In contrast to the West, where giving gifts on Valentine's Day is often a reciprocal act, White Valentine's Day in Japan is generally seen as a chance for women to express their love for one another. 

The Japanese Valentine's Day tradition gives women in a particularly patriarchal society a chance to express their own kokuhaku (confession of love), whether it be through chocolate, flowers, or a more unique gift. 

White Day is celebrated a month later, on March 14. 

So how did this tradition—which is akin to Valentine's Day—get its start on the Japanese calendar?

White Valentine’s Day 2024

White Valentine’s Day 2024

How Did White Day Start?

The concept of a Valentine's Day "answer day" was first supported in 1978 by the Japanese National Confection Industry Association. 

As it was customary for women to give chocolate gifts on Valentine's Day in Japan, it was determined that a day should be set aside for men to return the favor. 

To express how much they are appreciated, flowers, white chocolate, lingerie, jewelry, and other things are given to the women whom they received gifts from a month ago.

The origin of White Day 

The origin of White Day 

What to Gift on White Day?

In the run-up to Valentine's Day, travelers using the Japan Rail Pass to see modern Tokyo will be able to see the extent of this tradition's evolution, as numerous stores now brim with vibrant displays and intricately flavored and packed chocolates.

In February, many stores provide a range of chocolate-making devices for more personalized gifts. 

It's also common for women to give homemade chocolate as a gift rather than store-bought confectionery.

If you also want to celebrate White Day but don’t have time to make hand-made chocolate, then consider the following alternatives:

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