Best Plants for Mother's Day - Top 9 Perfect Plant Choices for Moms

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Mother's Day is almost approaching, so what is a better way to honor your mother than with a gift?

Choosing one of these best plants for Mother's Day is always a good idea. They are "the new" and fashionable design pieces available, and they also bring fresh life into your living room, patio, or yard. 

See these exquisitely gorgeous Mother's Day plants for inspiration!

Best Mother's Day plant ideas

Best Mother's Day plant ideas

Best Plants for Mother's Day

As a sign of your love and gratitude, a live plant may provide life and longevity to any area of the house. 

When choosing a gift for mom, consider choosing Mother's Day plant gifts that symbolize love and caring, are low maintenance, or have a striking design.

These are some wonderful Mother's Day plant recommendations:

Peace Lily

Our relationships with our mothers aren't always the most peaceful! For plant enthusiasts, the Peace Lily is the perfect Mother's Day gift that will show them how much you care and how much you humorously like them. 

The magnificent Peace Lily, associated with riches and kindness, is easy to care for and produces breathtaking white flowers that contrast sharply with a deep green background.

Costa Farms Peace Lily

Flowering Orchids

If you're searching for a striking and eye-catching Mother's Day gift that embodies strength and beauty, an orchid is among the greatest flowering plants. 

Pick from varieties that are purple, pink, or white, and you can be sure that your pet-friendly, low-maintenance plant will be a success.

Giving her a LEGO Icons Orchid Artificial Plant, a Mother's Day gift under $50, is also a wise decision if you want to give her a plant display to enhance the interior design of the home or workplace.

KaBloom Exotic Opal Orchid Bouquet


Go large with a monstera plant for moms who are passionate about houseplants. 

Because its large leaves have holes in them naturally, this beautiful houseplant is also known as the Swiss cheese plant and split-leaf philodendron.

Interior designers love monsters due to their distinctive look. These evergreens require little care and thrive in bright, indirect light. 

Costa Farms Monstera Swiss Cheese Plant


Pothos is an easy-to-grow trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves. It's a fantastic choice for beginners and functions well in a variety of lighting conditions, including low light. 

Because pothos may stand for persistence and development, it's a nice plant to give to moms on Mother's Day.

It even serves as one of the best Mother's Day gift ideas for hard to buy moms!

Live Pothos Plants (4PK) Indoor Plants

Bonsai Money Tree

It is said that a bonsai money tree would bring its owner prosperity and fortune. 

Therefore, if you've already eaten your mother out of the house and into your home, it could be time to give a little bit back by sending plants for Mother's Day! 

Possibly your mother will become wealthy rapidly if you gift her a bonsai money tree.

Costa Farms Money Tree Live Plant

Trailing Jade

A mother who enjoys drought-tolerant succulents with thick leaves and stems will be delighted by this charming trailing jade plant, which is emphasized by a modern pot. 

It may be moved into Zones 10 and 11 of her garden, or it can be grown indoors under a clear window. 

Its trailing vines will grow up to 70 feet outside, when they will need a sturdy support, like a pergola or arbor, to ascend.

Costa Farms Succulent Live Plant, Jade Plant

Olive Tree

The gorgeous Olive Tree, whose silver-grey leaves bring a hint of the Mediterranean to any outdoor space, is another excellent choice for a Mother's Day planting present. 

It produces beautiful white blooms and little black fruits throughout the summer.

American Plant Exchange Arbequina Olive Tree

But if your mother is too busy caring for a real olive tree, it's occasionally a good idea to go with faux ones. 

Most of them use delicate craftsmanship to make the tree look lifelike. They also have silk leaves, lifelike texture, natural connections, and full shape.

Kazeila Artificial Olive Tree 6FT Tall

Nafresh Tall Faux Olive Tree, 7ft

Erlandens Faux Olive Leaves Stems 10” Tall


For women who work from home or who like to decorate their homes with low-maintenance plants, terrarium plants are ideal Mother's Day gifts. 

Their resemblance to little greenhouses makes them perfect companions for kitchen plants or desk plants. These plants grow gradually and require very little care.

XXXFLOWER Plant Terrarium with Wooden Stand


Mom might not have the best green thumb in the world. Then, a large sansevieria that is ready to bring some low-maintenance color into her house would be perfect. 

Sansevieria, commonly referred to as snake plants, are dramatic-looking, low-to-high light-tolerant plants that have the added benefit of air-cleaning qualities. 

However, women who have pets at home should refrain from using them as they are poisonous to them.

Costa Farms Snake, Sansevieria White

Mother's Day Plant Gift Guide

There are hundreds of Mother's Day gifts plants for plant lovers, in addition to the stunning plants on the list of favorites.

If you are wondering why plants make such great Mother's Day gifts, these are the main benefits your moms will experience from having plants around on her special day:

Benefits of plant ideas for Mother's Day

Benefits of plant ideas for Mother's Day

  • Because they are living, breathing things, plants may provide subtle, fascinating dynamics in life.

  • Whether kept indoors or outdoors, plants provide color and delight to any space.

  • Compared to pets, plants don't need as much upkeep, cleaning, or attention.

  • A cluster of flowers is not as durable as a plant.

Additional Gifts for Mother’s Day

If your mother is a dedicated gardener rather than just someone who enjoys potted plants on the patio or indoor plants, she would love any of the following Mother's Day gifts for gardeners:

Wrapping Up

Being a mother may be challenging at times. Therefore, on Mother's Day, give your mother a beautiful plant as a way of saying how much you appreciate her. Give your mother one of the many best plants for Mother's Day to make her smile and she will definitely be surprised.

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