Why and when should you speed test your internet?

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Speed test your internet is a good practice that you should perform periodically. It’s a great and easy way to know how fast or how slow your current internet connection is. To know more about “Why and when should you speed test your internet?”, check out today’s article right now, then you will know the benefits of this test as well as when to perform it.

Our daily lives, our works, our studies seem to rely more and more on the internet. That’s the reason why having a good and stable internet connection is absolutely important these days. Sometimes, fast internet is considered a type of competitive advantage in the digital era.

speed test your internet

The Internet is more and more important in our works and daily lives

Due to that fact, performing speed tests becomes vital as it is always a good idea to determine how strong your network is. If you want to know more about why and when we should speed test your internet connection, this article is for you. Let’s explore this topic right now. Here we go!

Why should you speed test your internet?

Based on speed results given by speed testing tools, we speed test the internet, of course, to know how the current connection that we are using is. Do you know that these speed test results can help you engage in online activities more effectively and efficiently as well as have better internet experiences?

That’s true. Because when you find out how slow or how fast your internet speed is, you will know if it’s enough for you to do your online things. For example, when you want to stream a TV show in 4K solution, well, it’s necessary to speed test your internet to see whether or not the current speed is sufficient for you to watch the show without any buffers. Normally, you will need a speed of at least 25 Mbps to ensure smooth 4K video streaming experiences.

speed test your internet

Do you know that speed tests can help you have better internet experiences?

Knowing your internet speed by using a speed testing tool is also a simple and easy way to determine if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is providing you with the internet plan that you are paying for. To do this, you need to perform the test the right way to ensure the accuracy of the test since speed test results are affected by different factors. We will discuss more why it’s necessary to run the test the right way in the third part of this writing.

Besides, speed check internet connection is a useful way to identify the problems causing slow and unstable networks. There are different reasons for a slowdown in your internet speed such as the issues with your ISP, the router, your computer, the number of devices connected to the network, the wired vs the wireless connection, peak vs non-peak hours, and more. Testing your speed multiple times can help here.

Also, speed tests help us save time. Think of when you want to download or upload large files, for example, you just want to do that as quickly as possible, right? Running some speed tests throughout the day to identify what times of the day your internet is fastest, in that way you will know when is the best time to download or upload your files. That’s the way speed tests help save time.

When should you speed test your internet?

Testing your Internet speed is so common and necessary. A lot of us once tested the speed using an online testing tool at least one time. Have you ever checked your internet connection speed?

speed test your internet

It's necessary to speed check internet connection periodically

In fact, we should run this test periodically as a way of tracking the network performance and noticing unusual things happening inside it. Of course, you should run speed tests whenever you find it necessary. Right here are a few examples of when it’s necessary to run internet speed tests:

  • When you want to compare your current speed with what your ISP advertises

Speed test your internet connection helps you determine if your ISP is offering the same speeds as what you are paying for. Though speed test results are not 100% accurate due to a wide range of factors, they are still a good source of information that you can use to measure your connection speed as well as the service quality of your ISP.

Of course, you need to run the tests the right way and run multiple times as well, so that you will have the complete picture of how your connection is doing. Note that Wi-Fi speeds generally tend to be slower than wired connection speeds. And the advertised speeds usually refer to the wired connection only, so should run the test over an Ethernet connection to measure it more accurately.

speed test your internet

When you observe slower speed than usual, it’s time to speed test

  • When your internet is slower than usual.

When you observe slower than normal internet speeds, or if web pages take a lot of time to load and open on your devices, well, it’s also the time to check your internet speed.

  • When you want to determine if your speed is enough for you to do something online

It’s good to run a speed test to see if the current speed is sufficient for making video calls, downloading or uploading large-sized files, streaming videos in high resolution, playing online games, and more. That will help ensure a smoother and better internet experience when you engage in online activities, especially the activities required fast speed and stable connection.

  • When you want to know which ones among your devices get the best Wi-Fi signal

Different devices such as phones, PCs, tablets, etc can have different Wi-Fi and cellular radio capabilities. So, despite using the same connection, some devices are able to get the full speed of your internet speed, while some others may not be able to do so.

Running some speed checks can help you know which ones among your devices have better capabilities. That might be so useful when you want to do online activities requiring a fast connection.  

speed test your internet

Slow and sluggish internet can ruin your online experiences, especially when it comes to activities requiring a fast and stable connection

  • When you want to see how much your wired connection speed is faster than the Speedtest WIFI

Generally speaking, wired broadband connection speed tends to be higher than the Wi-Fi connection. Because Wi-Fi signals are transmitted through the air, there are many factors affecting its strength and stability. That’s the reason why the wired connection seems stable and faster than the Wi-Fi connection.

In case you want to compare the difference in speed between your wired connection and Wi-Fi connection, it’s good to perform a few speed tests.

  • And others

Speed test your internet is so quick, simple, and easy, hence, you should run the test whenever you find it necessary. Speed test results are useful in many ways, not just the things we mentioned recently.

speed test your internet

It’s important to speed test your internet connection the right way

Why is it necessary to run speed tests the right way?

It’s necessary to run speed tests, we all know that. But it’s even more important and necessary to speed test your internet connection the right way. Why???

Since there are various factors affecting the speed results, including the device you use to run the test, the time you perform the test (peak or non-peak hours), the number of devices connected to the network at the same time, the testing server, the testing tool you use, etc.

If you just run the test for only one time or run it while extra programs are running in the background of the testing device, well, it’s so hard to get accurate speed results. If you want to know how to run speed tests the right way, you can check out Common mistakes to avoid when running Wi-Fi speed tests and How to run speed tests on mobile devices the right way.


Here are why and when it’s necessary to speed test your internet connection. Just a simple and easy test, but it might be really useful in many ways. Well, that’s everything that we want to introduce to you in today’s article. Hope that you liked and found it helpful and interesting.